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E-commerce is taking over the traditional ways of doing business. Today, running an online store or a hybrid business is the new norm. With globalization, the world is like a village which means you sell your products to customers within your border and outside them. Regardless of where the customers are coming from, you have a responsibility of ensuring that their orders are fulfilled without any delay.

For you to fulfil your customer’s orders satisfactorily, you need a multi-shipping software. Mainly, when you require to use various modes of shipment, you must come up with a solution that enables you to centralize your shipping activities. However, not all shipping solution is suitable for any business. So, when in need of one, here are 3 traits of an efficient multi-shipping solution:


The first character of a reliable solution for a multi-shipping purpose is centralization. By this, it means that you can manage your carriers at a central position. As an online seller, you will use multiple carriers to deliver orders to customers in various destinations. Mainly, when your business is focusing on both local and international customers, you need a platform that will ensure seamless delivery experience.

As you know, timeliness in delivery enhances customers satisfaction and boosts their loyalty to your brands. Hence, you must ensure your multi-shipping solution has the features to centralize your carriers and customer destinations to ensure seamless deliveries and order fulfilment.

Tracking abilities

The shipping process does not end by initiation. The reception of the order by the right client and confirmation of the same is the endpoint. For this to happen, you must monitor the delivery process from initiation to completion. This way, you can keep the customer updated on the whereabouts of their orders. Tracking a cargo on delivery is not an easy task. Thus, you must be observant when selecting a multi-shipping solution to ensure it enables you to track your orders during the shipment process regardless of the delivery model you are using.

Carriers rate comparisons

The ultimate objective of every entrepreneur is to reduce their costs. When shipping orders to customers, you want to do it at the least cost. You do not want to suffer a loss due to a surge in shipping costs. For this reason, you must pick a multi-shipping software that enables you to compare different carrier rates. That way, it’s possible to save some dime.


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